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Brush Vault


The Brass Brush Vault. It is not unusual to have a quiver of brushes worth many hundreds of dollars. Whether those brushes are worth a lot or just your very favorite brush you cannot live without, protecting those brushes while traveling or out painting in the field has always been a challenge. The brush vault is designed to provide that kind of protection. At 12" by 2" in diameter, the brush vault will easily accommodate six larger brush. The end caps are machined from brass billets, providing a very strong and durable closure to the solid brass tube. With three holes drilled in the tube just below the threaded end cap, there is never any worry about moisture and the potential mold when you put away your wet brushes. The wood insert is a very dense hardwood. The same quality tonewood used on high end guitar backs and sides. The insert is double urethane coated with the very product used on hardwood floors. The result is a durable, waterproof, non warping wood support. The elastic bands are a specially sourced synthetic band that was developed to endure the harshest environments and chemicals. The result is one of the best brush cases crafted.

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